Image of shipping port security gate

Good security starts with knowing who is really on your site.

VVS provides a new level in ‘Gate Management’ ¬†for high traffic installations.

Suitable for local and remote applications managing 1000s of gate access requests per day. VVS streamlines site access, improves productivity and enables organisations to comply with the high levels of security required at regulated Ports, Airports and Rail.

image fo the VVS application running on a widescreen LCD monitor

Tasports VVS implementation

Tasports – Security Innovation Award runner up of the Port of the Year 2009 – implemented VVS as their gate management solution for the verification of all access to their main regulated ports in Bell Bay, Devonport, Burnie and Hobart.

Port of Melbourne Corporation implements VVS at Common User berths

Port of Melbourne Corporation implemented VVS to facilitate remote MSIC verification of persons requesting access to Common User Berths gates and turnstiles throughout Melbourne.

VVS Secures access to Station Pier

May 2011 – VVS has been installed to verify access to the Port of Melbourne’s Station Pier.

Station Pier is a heritage registered pier used as a passenger terminal for International passenger ships and TTL lines Spirit of Tasmania.

Fremantle Ports Implement VVS

In November 2010 Fremantle Ports implemented VVS at their North Quay Common User Berth.