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VVS System

VVS is a feature rich gate point management system that enhances existing access control systems by:-

  • Applying an additional layer of security, incorporating facial verification to every access request,
  • Catering for the varied height of drivers seated in different vehicles,
  • Suitable for harsh marine environments and 24 hour operations,
  • Providing clear audio communications between gate point and the control centre with normal vehicle engines operating (including prime movers),
  • Providing intelligent information feedback to drivers by LED signage,
  • Can be applied across networks spanning multiple locations,
  • Server client configuration enables distributed architecture for the management of verification requests,
  • Evidentiary recording of every verification event,
  • Gate point operational statistical reporting,
  • Open platform interface to 3rd party systems,
  • Verification solution for pedestrian turnstiles.

VVS Server

The VVS Server’s role is to interface with third party IP access control systems as a high level plug-in and manage the verification of access requests to specific doors or gates.

VVS Server also interfaces with VOIP intercom systems and other third party management systems. It manages every verification event request, handing off to VVS Touch Workstations for processing and confirming processed verifications to the access control system.

The VVS Server manages the interface between the intercom server and the VVS Workstations generating Intercom Verification Events on call requests.

The VVS Server also manages the statistical gathering and the system configuration files for the site.